Harvey-the-RV  - Roadtrip 2009

North Carolina, Georgia, USA

23rd September - 4th October 2009

We hurried southwards to Chris and Vivian's house in Little Switzerland, North Carolina.   Although our friends were still in Europe, George and Julie from Seaquel, were house and dog-sitting, with Bruce and Kimberley also visiting for a few days.  It was great for us all to have the chance to get together.   

We were prepared for some great hiking but arrived to find both Bruce and Kimberley injured and out of action.  We had to leave them behind on our hike to Crabtree Falls with George, Zapper and Shelly.  Luckily Kimberley was fit in time for our hike in the thick fog surrounding Mount Mitchell, the next day.   Bruce, however, ended up in an ankle brace after a visit to the specialist!

George, Julie, Bruce, Kimberley and Christine

Zapper and Shelly walking George at Crabtree Falls

Kimberley seeing the mist and missing the scene near Mount Mitchell.

After a few pleasant days with our friends we were headed south again, to Georgia.    On stopping for a lunch break at a road-side lay-by, Harvey was forced to take evasive action, to avoid squashing a preying mantis, which was leisurely crossing the road.

We headed to Unicoi State Park for a few days.   Unicoi Park boasted a good sized fishing lake, around which we enjoyed daily walks.   We ventured out on the lake in our canoe but a combination of strong breezes and a lack of fishing success made it a frustrating trip.    The waters below the lake's dam, however brought much more fly-fishing success.

Our main objective whilst at Unicoi, however, was to spend time at nearby Smithgall Woods State Park, famous for its fly-fishing waters.


Why did the mantis cross the road?

Unicoi State Park

The fishing at Smithgall was well controlled, with a maximum of 15 anglers being allowed on its several miles of river at any one time.    Phil made his booking for the morning session and set out at 8 am in the Park's minibus, which dropped anglers at various spots along the river.

Meanwhile, there was plenty to keep Christine occupied, several miles of bike trails with numerous hiking trails along the way and a rescue centre with several recovering birds-of prey.

The fishing was apparently so much fun that Phil enquired about vacancies on the afternoon session.    He was in luck and disappeared into the wilderness for another four hours of fishing fun. 

Smithgall Wood's fishing waters

Must be easier to make planks from a square tree!

Cycling through Smithgall Woods.

There was just one more overnight stop on our way back to Green Cove Springs.    We stopped at Little Ocmulgee State Park.    The facilities at the park were impressive and included a large lodge, golf course and a fishing lake.    Unfortunately, however, the lake was choked with thick surface weed and algae, making fishing practically impossible.

Next day we were back in Florida, ready to get to work on our boat maintenance projects....

Rescue Eagle at Smithgall Woods.

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