Harvey-the-RV  - Roadtrip 2009

 New York State, USA

2nd - 12th September 2009

From the Adirondacks in northern New York State, our next stop was on the south shores of Lake Ontario.   We had been invited to visit by sailing buddies Penny and George of Starshot.    Our route took us along the strangely deserted Lake Ontario Parkway, a beautiful dual carriageway road, closed to commercial vehicles.   Our friends' beautiful house lay right on the lake and had stunning views.   

Close to their house was an inlet where a river ran into the lake.   Phil was delighted to learn of the excellent salmon fishing during late September when the fish enter the river to return to their birthplace to spawn.    These salmon were Pacific salmon, introduced to the area for fishermen.   He was not quite so pleased when he learned we were a couple of weeks early for the optimum fishing opportunity but, of course, valiantly gave the fishing a try.    We decided to take a canoeing trip along the river with Penny and George, to explore.   Naturally Phil brought along a couple of rods.   We loaded our trusty inflatable canoe on a cart on top of Penny and Georges solid canoe, which dwarfed ours in both size and weight and set off to the river.

Loading up for the trek to the water

George and Penny in explorer mode

We paddled up the river, with our guides pointing out points of interest on the way.   Phil determinedly cast his line all the way and, on advice from local bass fishermen, we took a detour up a side creek.    It seemed that the fish weren't co-operating.    Nevertheless our trip was a very pleasant way to explore Penny and George's neighbourhood and get a workout at the same time.

At the weekend we headed to a nearby town to check out a classic car show.    George's friend, Jim, was showing his classic Corvette and our mission was to track him down.     This sounded easy enough until we arrived at the show and found over 1000 exhibitors.    Even looking only at the Corvettes was a challenge as there were hundreds of the gleaming vehicles.    .

After some time we decided it was time to eat our picnic, the hunt would have to continue when we were refueled.    Eventually Jim and his shiny pride and joy were tracked down.   All four of us must have walked straight past this very spot several times without spotting him!

Model T at the classic car show

George and his buddy Jim

In the Bahamas we'd met Penny and George's friends Zane and Gen, when they had come to spend time on Starshot.    Zane was a keen fisherman and invited Phil to fish his own private bass pond in his garden.    Their house was in a beautiful spot with a large beautifully maintained garden.    

 Zane, Phil and George headed to the bottom of the garden with their fishing poles.    The fish were biting despite probably having been caught and released so often that Zane and Gen had names for them!     Phil was having so much fun we had to drag him back to the house when the delicious pizza dinner was served!

Zane with one of his beloved bass.

"Hey Zane, what's this one called?"

Dinner at Zane and Gen's House

Penny and George invited us to stay a couple more delightful days so we could catch up with cruising friends Frank and Lisa, who live in Niagara Falls, over the border in Canada.   It was an amazing concept that somebody would pop over the border and head to another country for dinner, but we were glad they did and that the Customs didn't confiscate their tasty hors d'oeuvres!

Phil decided on one last fishing attempt from the breakwater the day before we were leaving.    The level of the lake had fallen and the waterside rocks were slippery with fresh algae growth.    No fish were caught but Phil took an unexpected bath in the river, when he slipped.    Somehow he managed to keep his hat dry!

Dinner at Penny and George's with our international dinner guests, Lisa and Frank.

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