Harvey-the-RV  - Roadtrip 2009

Virginia to Maine

5th - 12th July 2009

Aware of the short summer season up in Nova Scotia, we were keen to head north quickly.    After leaving North Carolina we made an overnight stop in Virginia at the James River State Park.    

When we eventually managed to find the trailhead on our third attempt, after two dead end trips into the forest, we hiked along the river.  Locals were fishing for bass and we checked it out for a possible future stay on our way south.     During the hike, we had more luck spotting large purple snakes than fish, much to Christine's horror!

Harvey looking lost in his huge campsite

Finally on the right track at the third attempt

Next day we pushed on for a flying visit with Woody and Janine in their new home north of Annapolis.    It seems that every time we call on them, we stay in a different house.  They were already hard at work on the design of their next building project!     We were greeted in luxurious style with a steak dinner, which we enjoyed with their daughter and grandchildren.    

Left to our own devices next day, we soon found ourselves at the local Bass Pro Shop, a huge superstore of all things hunty, shooty and (more interestingly to us) fishy.     Phil was finally dragged home in time to cook Janine's dinner request, described to us as "That thing you make with all the things in it".  We eventually narrowed this down to curry.    It was fun before we left, to get the chance to meet Woody and Janine's buddies from the Corvette Club, when they stopped by for drinks before heading to an open-air Shakespeare performance.      Our hosts returned some hours later, with numb behinds and a severe culture overdose.

Now we were headed north at Harvey's quickest Interstate speed, covering around three or four hundred miles, passing through five states by 4 pm.   At this point, with both drivers weary, we found ourselves in a rest stop in Danbury, Connecticut, having navigated our way successfully around Baltimore and New York city amongst other confusing places.     

We spotted that the kind Connecticutters had provided, within their rest stop, an overnight parking facility, separate from noisy truck parking, for passing RV-ers.  We, along with several others, took advantage of their hospitality.     We strolled around the rest area after dinner enjoying the remarkably beautiful gardens in the parking area and spotting deer in the surrounding trees.    It was definitely not too shabby a spot in which to spend the night for free.

Next day, fuelled up with a greasy breakfast, we were on our way to Maine.

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