Harvey-the-RV  - Roadtrip 2009

 Three days in Vermont, USA

23rd - 25th August 2009

Our brief visit to beautiful rural Vermont brought us to the Gifford Woods State Park, in the Green Mountains.   Across the road from the campsite lay a scenic lake, though it was classed only as a pond by American size standards.   We strolled over to the pond, Phil without his fishing rod for some reason.     He wouldn't have had time for fishing himself in any case.   A young boy was struggling with his new spinning rod and Phil set to work to give a fishing master-class.    The young boy and his grandmother were delighted as her grandson reeled in fish after fish and they left happy, with a tasty trout for dinner.

Kent Pond

Fishing Masterclass

Next day, of course, Phil was keen to have a go for himself.    We set off to drive along the White River, a famed fly-fishing spot.    En route we made a stop at the local fish hatchery.    In the visitor centre we were eager to increase our knowledge of the local fish and set to work on their fish identification game.    Quickly we re-arranged the fish pictures next to the appropriate names.   Only once we'd finished did we spot the sign instructing us not to move the pictures, oops!   It was time for a quick exit!

We drove along the course of the river, Phil trying every likely fishing spot we came across, between rain showers.     Meanwhile Christine amused herself enjoying the view and looking for treasure on the riverbank.

Do not move the pictures please!

Phil fishing the White River

Amazing what you find on the riverbank.

Back at the campground we took to the lake in our canoe, in search of bass and trout.    We had little luck but the scenery made the effort worthwhile, as we paddled amongst the resident colony of Loons (a type of duck).

Next day we drove the road across to the west side of the northern Green Mountains.    We'd planned to stop at Banbury Lake State Park but on arriving found it to be far to large and busy for our taste.   Instead we pushed on to Half Moon State Park.    This tranquil park was on a much smaller lake, better for paddling and fishing.   

First we took a walk to a higher lake.   Here Phil was delighted to find a young New Yorker, making his first attempts at fly-fishing.     In no time at all, another fishing master-class was underway and we had made new friends from Long Island.    As evening approached we set off in our dinghy for a spot of fun bass fishing of our own.   

Lovely, rural Vermont really deserved a longer visit but, as always, time was pressing on and, too soon, we were on our way to cross Lake Champlain into New York State.     

Favouring the bridge method of crossing the enormous lake separating the two states, rather than another encounter with a ferry ramp, we headed north to Chimney Point.    As we crossed the bridge we were interviewed for a traffic survey.    Apparently the form had no box for visitors from Wales, so our answers were not required!

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