Another Lap around Montana

18th - 24th September 2013

Holter Lake

Windswept baby eagle

Our friends Gwyn and Angie were on their way home and we had time to make one more small trip around our favourite spots in south central Montana. First stop was a return to Holter Dam on the Missouri River. Although the crazy insect hatches of our previous visit seemed over, there were still plenty of fish to catch.

Missouri River

Next it was back to the Madison River for a couple of days fishing at Raynold's Pass followed by a night out at the Gravel Bar in Ennis. It was disappointing that there was no live music this time but it was a treat for someone else to do the cooking for a change.

Sunset on the Madison River

Success on the Madison

Last stop in Montana before the cold would drive us south was, of course, the Bighorn River at Fort Smith. We camped at the wonderful free camp site at Afterbay again and spent two blissful days floating down the Bighorn River. One one day alone Phil caught over twenty fish, many during the float in the canoe and another eight or so in what was christened “Gwyn's Spot” just below the dam.

It was in this very spot that we were joined by a large black bear. Luckily he was on the other side of the river and it was fascinating to watch him pottering about his business along the river bank from a safe distance!

Fishing at Gwyn's spot

Bighorn Bear

Whopping big fish on the Bighorn

This bug could audition for a horror movie

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