Anju Logs - 2006



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Green Cove Springs Marina, Florida, 1st November - 11th December 2006

Heading South, Chesapeake - Florida,  8th - 31st October2006

Autumn in Herald Harbor, Annapolis, USA - 11th September - 8th October2006

Dad's visit to Maryland, USA, 28th August - 11th September 2006

Chris and Vivian's Wedding, North Carolina, USA, 27th June - 9th July 2006

Herald Harbor, Maryland, USA, 12th - 26th June and 10th - 31st July 2006

Norfolk, Virginia, to Annapolis, Maryland, USA,  1st - 12th June 2006

Bahamas to Norfolk, Virginia, USA,  22nd May - 1st June 2006

Back to the Bahamas, 12th - 22nd May 2006

Great Exuma, Conception and Long Island, 1st - 24th April 2006

Rae's Visit to the Exumas, 9th - 30th March 2006

Georgetown, Great Exuma Island, Bahamas, 24th February - 9th March 2006

Miami to Georgetown, 19th - 24th  February 2006

Green Cove Springs - Miami, FL, 11th January  - 19th February 2006

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