Holidays in the UK - Manchester

28th July - 18th August 2004

Is this one a weed or is it supposed to be here?

An advantage of visiting the UK in the summer was that we got to enjoy some quiet time in the garden, a luxury we don't have on Anju.

We also got to take some walks in the countryside and found ourselves drawn to the canal to look at the boats (perhaps we were missing Anju!).

We made the most of the perk of being related to the Chairman of the Friends of the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, (who happens to also be Christine's Dad).    Harold in the Air and Space section gave us a full tour, including the chance to tour inside many of the exhibits and sit at the controls.    

Dad and Phil tried out the fighter plane for size!

Harold explained the history of the Shackleton bomber on display, which made Anju seem quite roomy.

Christine & Phil try co-piloting something different for a change!

Then Sue and Joe have a go too, while Phil checks out how the nav station compares to the one he's used to.....


and then takes instruction on the Bristol Belvedere Helicopter.

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